About Us

Why Choose Us?

From the beach to the city, the Jeva Lab client is a believer that you should always feel good in what you put on. Our client is a take the bull by the horns kind of spirit, who lives life to the fullest and marches to her own drum. Her style is modern, hip, fun and unapologetically bold, yet always effortlessly chic. Get out there and be amazing, inspire people to think outside of the box. Live different, be kind, help others, sweat everyday, drink your water, eat healthy, and most of all spread love, we are all human no matter the shape, color, size, or beliefs. Focus on the positive and watch your life transform. xoxxo


Dianne Erwin

Owner/ Designer

We create fashion-forward activewear designed to empower women, men & children to live, look, and feel their best. Our mantra - Strive for balance, then shall you find harmony. I created this business out of my love for health & wellness. I feel my best in comfortable on trend clothes that I can work out in and live in. I started out in the surf industry working in the marketing department for Roxy/ Quiksilver. I worked with some of the greatest minds in the action sports industry. Along with amazing art directors, designers, athletes & models to develop a brand that embodied an active lifestyle while still being feminine and strong! I transitioned into an Art Director role with O'Neill Clothing helping them develop their brand message with women in mind. I have been on my own journey to optimal health and wellness in the past few years. Back pain kept me from being able to be my healthiest self for several years, and during that time I realized I needed to push myself harder each day to keep my back strong and my mind able to cope with the pain I was facing. I am happy to say that I am the healthiest and strongest that I have ever been both mentally and physically.  

Each piece is designed with a place, season, holiday or person in mind who has inspired me on this journey. Our boys Van & Jet for whom the company is named, inspire me daily to push past boundaries and create something I am proud of. The quality of these pieces is amazing. I hope you love wearing them, and feel a hug from me each time you put them on. Don't forget to tag us in your social media posts we want to see you pushing past your boundaries & achieving your goals in #jevalab designs!